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About Turkmenistan tourism

The major area of the social policy is the development of tourism. This is one of the most important issues for our country. In this context, State Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan was established in 2012. There is also the Committee for the Avaza National Tourist Zone within this newly established committee.

The priority objective of the State Committee for Tourism is the development of international tourism as the most profitable area of the tourism industry. New tourist routes will be opened in order to attract more foreign tourists. The quality of services is being improved. Special attention is attached to the training of highly qualified personnel in this area and the improvement of the work, the arrangement of the effective advertising activity as well as the training of highly qualified staff for the effective management of hotel complexes in the Avaza National Tourist Zone. Necessary works will be conducted for the arrangement of the management of hotels in Turkmenistan in compliance with the highest international standards.

Necessary steps are being taken in order to include amazing sites of Koytendag in the list of the UNESCO’s world legacy. Other natural sites are planned to be included in the list as well. It is planned to conduct special tender to decorate and develop the picturesque sites of Koytendag in order to create favorable conditions for tourists, including hotels and other systems of life supply. Necessary tourist activities are being conducted for the further growth of the tourist industry of the country and bring it into compliance with the modern requirements.