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Turkmenistan is known as the Heart of the Silk Road.

It is deeply symbolic. For many centuries, through the territory of Turkmenistan, which from immemorial time has been called the “crossroads of seven roads”, went through numerous caravan routes, served as roads for trade and cultural cooperation of the people of the East and West.

In the new historical era, our country is implementing major international and regional projects. Like energy and transport communication field. Which are targeted to promote strengthening of mutually beneficial trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian relationships between Central Asia and other regions.

Nowadays our country is the center of attraction of many foreign guests to get acquainted with the millennial history and unique culture of the Turkmen people. Fans of ancient architecture and history look forward to meeting unique open-air Museum – included in the UNESCO “World heritage site” Old Nisa – the capital of the powerful Parthian Empire, the Ancient Merv and Kunyaurgench. An unforgettable experience to tourists is gives the tours in to Anau, Dehistan, Gonur-Depe – the heart of the legendary Margiana. ...

The huge admiration are the architectural sights of the white marble capital of our country – Ashgabat, some of which are listed in the Guinness Book of world records, the holiday jewel of the country – the national tourist zone “Avaza”, which is formed on the ecologically pure coast of the Caspian sea.